Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Update on the pets

Well after loosing Remy our adorable blue mini lop we have replaced her or rather brought another baby pet for Sian to cuddle up to and she is a Dwarf lop like Pepa our older rabbit. So she will grow quiet a bit bigger than Sian but hopefully won't take over the hutch and become to dominant.

We are also in the process of buying a new puppy. I have gone beyond all the things I said I would do this time around for the next dog, I wanted a dog that would be very large, protect me while out walking late, have a short coat, and I didn't want a puppy to go through all that destroyed garden and shoes!

Ivé just brought and pick up next week a Border Collie Puppy (chocolate) who is 8 weeks old with a medium to long coat! Basically we looked high and low through all the shelters in Victoria for a dog that met our criteria but because I have the chickens and the bunnies it was quiet hard to find one that didn't have a prey drive.

This dog may want to round up the chooks but hopefully can be trained easily, the parents of the dog was lovely and we have named the little fella Phoenix, which has a special meaning for myself.

On the chook front I have sold all 7 babies and we decided to keep 2 although it's looking quiet likely that one will be a cockeral and not much good for egg production! We sold all the chicks to friends which is nice for $5 per chook as we now know they will have a good home.

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