Friday, January 9, 2015

Daylesford Trip

Wednesday I decided to go for a trip alone.  I found a studio that would accommodate me and had a ensure and kitchenette for $100.  It was literally 100 metres from all the shops.  I did some firsts.  I wore a beautiful dress (I never wear dresses).  I walked the streets and window shopped.  Went to a chalet and had a drink listening to live music.

I bushwalked for hours and cooked my solitary and welcome meal back at the studio to save money. I read for HOURS.   I love to be alone, it makes me very happy.

During my time there I came across this wonderful community garden next to the Library, which I also spent some time in.

All the plants looked super healthy.

It wasn't a huge block just maybe 1/8th of an acre.

That is enough though for many like minded people to come together.

To create a peaceful place for out of towners to smile at.

Not individual plots as such.

More a mismatch of everything together.  I even saw the health shop next door pop their coffee grounds into the compost.  I wish we had something like this in Ballarat.  We do have a Community garden.  But plots are rented, there is a large fence around it.  No one is welcome if your not one of the renters.  Here in Daylesford anyone is welcome.  There is even a seat.  I meditated on it at how blessed I was to escape for a night.

Hubby did give me some money to treat myself to dinner but I did another first on the last day.  I had enough from home to eat so I saved and brought a book, some earrings and a facial. Never had a facial it was BLISS!  2015 is a year for firsts!

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