Sunday, January 25, 2015

Holiday renovations

I rarely take large blocks of time off work, I work part time so have never had the need too and we don't really go on long holidays so just take the odd week off here and there.  Of course working for myself there is no holiday pay so that is another reason to be frugal with the time off! This year I took a whole 4 weeks off at once.

I spent one week relaxing and then bang we renovated and these are the changes to my massage clinic which used to be painted in a apricot colour.

This is a before - note the terrible bricks on old gas heater.  The heater started to set the carbon monitor off which was alarming me as the kids sleep near that area.

So in the middle of painting I decided the heater must go.  It was an added $3,600 to our budget but that's ok, need to safe and warm.

A new colour, all done.

The heater is removed, the plasterers have been...

I ponder how long ago it was this fireplace was used as an open fire and why on earth they didn't clean it prior to adding the gas heater.  It is exciting to wonder these things, but not for long as the following day this is installed.

Another days painting and it's finished. 

My beautiful massage clinic is done.

There used to be a screen for people to change behind but as I leave the room always and needed to move the take further away from the much more effective read really, really hot heater the screen had to go.

We also painting the boys bedrooms, the hallway, the spare room and had a reverse cycle air conditioner put in in case Summer decides to show it's face.  So now it's back to work to pay for it all!
My regulars love the changes and so do I! I have only used the heater once, I nearly roasted, the window may have to be open when I use the brilliant heater!


  1. Sue, it's absolutely brilliant! You have been a BUSY girl these holidays. Sorry we haven't caught up yet, but we will. I have had a lovely break just being AT HOME and enjoying my mum so close. I painted my front door at the weekend.

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