Thursday, January 29, 2015

Summer Jam & Produce

This is my second year of making jam and we had a bumper crop of Apricots and plums, I made a really yummy apricot jam with these. Not enough though as we ate so many of the tree.

Overall I collected about 3 baskets this size of plums.

I made about 4 kilos of jam and the first batch was small and came out well.

The second batch a disaster I made too much at once and I ran out of jars so I had to go to shops reboil jam and sterilise new jars and then add jamsetta more lemon and sugar and hope for the best and it was great really firm now.

The aroma of jam is so nice!  I added Apple to it as well for added pectin.

They are very large jars so there is quiet a lot there. It's delicious now too.

I harvested about 3 times this picture of red onions and have them all over the place on drying racks.

I always have a helper in my garden....

These were so tasty of course we made kilos of jam but ate kilos too!

I am loving the Kale smoothies each day.

It's that time of year when I get thousands of Zucchini's.

The cooler weather has the chooks laying again too.

This week my lovely friend Heidi brought me a gift and it was so unexpected! I am just delighted, it made me want to get straight out into the garden so I could write something in it!

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