Monday, December 29, 2014

Small trip and renovations.

This year for the first time ever we went away for a few days for Christmas.  We went to a cottage at Freshwater creek for 4 days and loved it, I barely saw my kids as they were always on the farm or riding the bikes around.  We had my Dad over and his partner.  I learn something new and surprising about him that I never knew.
We went into Geelong to checkout the Christmas tree on the water.

Then had a go on the very large Ferris wheel it was tons of fun and although 2 of the kids were pretty boisterous on the whole it was just Christmas Eve excitement and so bearable. 

We stayed up until 12.30 to see Santa had come.

Marissa our host had left a beautiful Christmas tree for us to enjoy with a pressie under it and candy canes all over it.  A few less candy canes when we left though.

We took the dogs but poor Monty spend a few days in the cattery, one I hadn't used before and he HATED it.  I didn't love it either he is used to so much space, he was very clingy when we got home.

But now, back home and unpacked it's back to work and oh what a job ahead of us.  We are painting the entire front of the house indoors in what hubby feels can be achieved in 4 days.

It was this bright apricot colour.

Now everything is off white cream type colour.  I really hope it goes ok with my boys! This room is my massage clinic so clearly no clients for a few weeks!

I decided I no longer could cope with the 1960's bricks and this heater.

So if I can find a decent plasterer soon I will be covering the bricks with plaster facade and replacing the heater with this.

We are also getting a new reverse cycle air con for that part of the house, so lucky I am back at work on the 19th as I will need to earn some money to pay for it all! 


  1. Sounds exciting Sue. Glad you enjoyed your break away.

  2. Good for you. A fresh coat of paint will be fantastic, a good start to the new year.