Friday, July 29, 2011

Fruit tree maintenance

I have a few fruit trees in the paddock at the rear of our block, well 2 Plum trees, 2 Apple, a Lemon a Lime, 2 Pear Trees, 2 Apricot and 1 Nectarine - the other died. So 11 in total, and the all need to be weeded every year around Spring time. I decided to get in early this year and weed during the Winter, as the soil would be wetter and in theory the weeds easier to pull.

Its hard work as the paddock pretty much doesn't get mowed near those fruit trees and the grass by Spring is waist high. Some of the weeds needed the Folk but most with pure Sue aggression were tugged from that ground shaken and thrown into the chicken pen. The pile has been high, the chickens have been busy fossicking for worms and eating the greenest leaves. I re-use all my rabbit wood shavings and of course there is the bonus of their poo being mixed in and I spread it all around the trees, I am hoping with all that rabbit urine it isn't going to be too strong for the trees, but so far the ones I did last month have no new weeds coming though and with luck they will be getting nutrients from the manure for a nice Spring fruit crop!

My pictures are in reverse the bottom one is the unweeded, then weeded then mulched, sorry about that order, blogspot must be having a bad hair day!!

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