Friday, July 29, 2011

Potatoes and the Veggie Plot.

Last weekend I planted some Desiree Potato's and thought I would share the pictures, I brought 10 potatoes and were able to cut the tubers in half some into 1/4's to make around 40 tubers to plant. Its always important to buy the virus free seed, usually easily obtainable from your local nursery. I had a gift voucher from my birthday so even cheaper I didn't have to pay a cent!! The total cost would have been around $8 though and I anticipate getting over 150 potatoes in total, just a guess though, we did do so well with the potato's last year I thought it needed to be done again although this time we have chosen to plant them in a wine barrell and some smaller pots, I really hope that works alright as if will definantly get drier in Summer, I plan to mulch with some pea straw though as a back up.

Although have taken some pictures of the rest of the veggie garden, the rocket is very slow, no idea why it always grows so well in the veggie beds, it's over further to the East in a old trough and it's possibly not getting quiet as much sun as when in the veggie bed. The Spinach is also a bit slow and the Cress and it's the same deal also planted in a similar spot. The Broccoli is getting there, and looking forward to getting a good crop of that, and the onions are looking healthy too.


  1. Ooooh look at your gardens! They look fantastic! I can't wait to get out to the block and start ours! We've never really been successful at vegie gardening but we'll have to be this time - our food will depend on it! Any tips? Fav garden planting guide?


  2. I like to add a ton of manure to the soil some Gypsum and compost that we make every season, look up what's successful in your area, we have a Permaculture Guild here in Ballarat that has some great links for this area you might have a similar thing in your area, otherwise talk to some local gardeners and see what grows well for your climate. I have a ton of books on gardening but no longer use them, lol.