Saturday, July 23, 2011

A new fence and Lemons!

I can't believe it's actually nearly August and Ive blogged so little this year! Its been such a busy year with my youngest going off to school and now having all 3 boys at Primary School for 1 year until the eldest moves onto high school next year I actually thought I would have a ton more time and get out into the garden more!!!

I also work part time as a Remedial Massage Therapist and work did manage to get a little busier then dropped off again about a month ago, my husband as well as working full time as a Firefighter also runs a web based business selling weather meters and other safety and fire gear and needed an Admin person to help him out after 9 years in the business, the past few have taken off and he's super busy so I am now helping him out, helping at the school in my youngest childs class listening to the preps read, and caring for 2 new litters in the Rabbitry with 11 kits in total and consequently little gardening has been done!

I did however manage to get into the garden this weekend with the lovely weather and managed to plant some daffodils, Freesia's, Ranancula's - those things remind me of teeny spiders and some Hyacinths all over the garden, 25 tulips in pots that have been chilling in the crisper for the past 2 weeks, some were starting to go a bit mouldy so not so sure about their ability for flowering, built a fence to utilise a garden bed in front of the chook yard, this bed the dogs were jumping on and the wire covering the chooks window was getting bent so it needed a plan and I figured why not use the bed! I moved some Rhubarb out of a large pot where is never seemed to do any good into the bed 3 large corms and then planted some Broccoli (a punnets worth) around the Rhubarb as these two are companion plants. Then we built a super study fence from some old wire we had lying around to contain my free ranging rabbit Pepa.

On that note and we never did get that wire up against the front fence Pepa has now been missing for 3 weeks, we are sad he is gone for sure but I am also glad we let him roam for 3 years after all he really hated being caged and had a great life even though by our standards it was short.

Also planted a few packets of sweet peas and a couple of Daphne plants - yes I love scents!

I noticed also this weekend that finally we have a few Lemons on the tree - oh joy I think I have been waiting about 4 years!! I have also got some distorted and claw like Lemons which means there is a mite on the tree damaging the buds as they form although I am still going to eat the lemons though, should still be able to use some of it.


  1. You're blogging again! Yayyyyyyyyyy! :-)

  2. I sure am! I have a few more posts to make over the weekend too as I have some exciting birthing news to share - not human, lol.