Sunday, August 7, 2011

Soap and Blossom

Recently I made some soap and some of my blog readers will already know the recipe it's just your basic coconut oil, olive oil, caustic soda, beeswax and essential oils, you need the perfect temperature for the making and it involves loads of stirring.

I didn't actually keep the flyer with the recipe as once the caustic soda was explained to me I decided I would rather pay for someone else to make the soap than risk scaring on my lungs from breathing that stuff - totally no proof that happens just my overactive imagination going on overdrive, and acid burns from any spillage! I also can't see myself having the patience to be doing all that stirring as the soap melts the beeswax took ages! I now know of 2 friends who have made some soap and it looks fantastic! So anyway here is a picture of my soap some 6 weeks later when I remember it was curing in the shed I was supposed to remove it from the milk carton well before this but totally forgot about it. It still can't be used until Spring as I found it all today I thought I would post photo's and I have total admiration for anyone who makes this stuff! I would buy it off anyone rather than use the rubbish they sell at the shops. I have seen it at some craft markets and considering all the effort that goes into it they sell it at a really good price.

Also seen the Spring Cherry blossoms are starting to come on the trees on the street trees so picked some for my meditation room. I love flowers especially blossom, such delicate little flowers and they are truly on the trees for about 1 week before the August winds will blow them all away. I also have a bedroom full of Daphne at the moment and this would have to be my favorite plant, I have recently brought 2 more bushes for the side of the yard, hope they grow well there!

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