Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Today I visited some of my garden.

Today I actually got out and went for a short walk with my dog. I've been In Melbourne it's not been for a pleasant time & haven't been 100% over the weekend but people have been giving me positive pep talks particularly my sister who I now have a different kind of relationship with and another lady who will probably never read this, but boy she is keeping me on track even if she is focusing a little too much on my food intake, lol.I know it's because she cares.

Only 2 weeks ago I took this picture.

But look at my nearly flowering Tulips today! 

I love seeing my plants grow this really did improve my mood a bit.

My Bonsai's outside my clinic are starting to get leaves again.

Finally got some Pansies in my baskets. Had to wait months coldest Winter ever!!!

I brought the best Hyacinths inside, but these look ok too.

I ventured to my paddock and we have broad bean flowers.  I actually loathe broad beans but I am trying to eat from my garden and trying to aim for green and healthy. Little wait but I am watching.

My chinese veggies have all gone to seed, I literally lived on these and poached chicken for months I picked some I think they will still be ok, maybe a little tough.

My friends have returned, all the Magpies around the neighbourhood never attack me, I just say hi to them and treat them kindly and feed them, their nest is in our paddock you might see it to the right and the mum bird to the left.  They are destroying the hanging basket out the back I just made out of coir but so what it's getting used for their babies and that's exciting. I love new life. I love nature and watching these baby Maggies grow up.

No gardening got done today too tired still healing, but I am getting hope back and I know you may not read this but thank you. And to my family who may well read it MASSIVE thank you. 


  1. Focus on life and hope and all things good....lots to look forward to in the garden always and especially.

    1. Annie, I am terribly excited about school news you lifted my mood to new heights with mindfulness AND getting more teachers on board with "That sugar movie" make sure you tell me when its happening I have more ideas for the fundraiser side (healthy food for after) 😊 loving our walks mate. Xx

  2. Raw broad beans eaten in the garden are best. Sweet and not floury. Someone lent over and smelled my broad bean flowers the other day and was delighted by the sweet scent. I had never ever thought to smell them?

    1. You must be so far ahead of us in season up there Jayne not that we have had a speck of sun here cannot wait for warmer weather. I will inhail my broad bean flowers over the weekend I have noticed how pretty they are. Hope your well.

  3. I hope you are feeling better now. Your garden looks great and has inspired me to get out and get started with my gardening. Its been a cold winter in Scotland but there's lots of things to tidy up and get ready for the spring. Hope your garden continues to grow well and that you get to eat the healthy greens.

    Norberto @ Thorburn Landscapes