Friday, September 4, 2015

Spring 2015.

Still raining!!!! Everyone up here keeps saying not enough rain.  They need need to get over to my place, the clouds are hanging this way, constant drizzle!

I did get out in the garden this week to take some pictures during some moments when it briefly stopped.

I do love how my Russell Lupin leaves catch the rain though, one of our more scientific garden helpers at the school explained how this works once a couple of years back, I can't re explain as I didn't retain the information, it's more fun for kids with Nastursians and cabbage leaves. I remember having hours of fun with a bit of water and Mums Nastursian leaves.  Clearly no Internet when I was a kid!

One of my weirder Daffodils. 

Such a cheap pot! Happy flowers, no clients to greet for them right now, hopefully soon.

Wish I clever and could make eczema creme with these Marigolds for the first time since a baby my youngest has broken out with a nasty patch of eczema & it I prefer the natural methods first.  Although it's so bad you just have to treat before it gets too bad. Maybe I might boil some flowers up and research for later on.

I think I brought about 10 other varieties of these Hellebores last year I must go searching for where they were planted.  Maybe under all the weeds I suspect...

Typical cat has to stand right in the weeds for a picture.

Plates are broken so often in this house - kids dry the dishes, I have decide they look better in the garden in a bare spot than in the recycle bin. Might look better with a plant in front of it.

Chooks have started laying again, right when my sports mad eldest has decided he's sick of eating eggs and I have stopped eating them! Must be a sign it's time to start eating them again!

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