Saturday, August 1, 2015

Lately I have been...

I haven't blogged much, things have been a bit cold here and a there has been a lot on. I am dealing with some major things righr now are some amazing things that are getting me through.

Last week I went to a friends farmstay and stayed 2 days with my eldest son, caught up with a friend and brought this while there. There is so much to be grateful for in life so this has a lot written in here already. We had a really good bonding time, he helped me to eat a little more he's such a good kid my eldest son and has just been chosen by his school to be a white ribbon ambassador.  I felt like it would be the last time we would have such a special time together.  He has two intense years coming up with VCE Next year.  I did my first handstand yoga style while away. Major achievement.  😊

A really good friend gave me this to take my mind of things, she knows I cannot focus too well right now and this is meant to be calming it's an adults colouring book.  I did a page put my music on only made it classical instead of my full speed stuff for exercise.

Clearly no artistic genes in my body but hey I'm not trying to impress and it was done the night before I had to catch a train so it certainly took my mind of that angst!

The same friend gave me this, I am not remotely christian, but I am deeply spiritual, I do believe in a higher power and universal law, she felt as a tactile person herself she likes to hold things all the time that this could be helpful for me, the wood is Olive and feels smooth, the look of the grain is awesome, I love it, I feel safe when I start to panic, trouble is I keep loosing it, I put it down kids also like its feel bang its gone. It's rather large or I would wear it around my neck!  This girl is pure love, she cares so deeply for people.

I brought this Yak made blanket from the yoga studio for $20 and ALL profits go back to Nepal and it was made in Nepal and now I have learnt what a Yak is so triply blessed plus it looks cool is warm and right now I hold this close and sit tight. Feel secure.

This is making my body and mind strong, I do yoga every single day, I am for 4 times a week hot yoga at my friends studio and then 3 times a week practise Hatha at home. It completely grounds me and quitens my mind.  I just love it, it has gotten me through some tricky and tough times.

I have no garden news this time, not even a garden picture to share.  Love to all. Xxx


  1. . . . and love to you my dear friend Sue. Life is crazy busy for me and I'd like to slip in a visit to you next week - thinking of you.

    1. I would dearly LOVE a visit from you Annie, please do schedule me in for next week and text me when you can come. I am not working now only one client Sat. I even got in the garden today was awesome. Xxxxxxx

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Rhonda I bet your garden is looking awesome with retirement!

  3. It was good to meet you at Annie's birthday. Thanks for the seeds. I have been busy trying to eliminate the seedy weeds before they blow around in Spring. The garden is almost under control but I know that is just wishful thinking and one rainstorm will just bring it all on! Oh well I will stand back and feel successful for a few weeks and then maybe get the whippersnipper out.

    1. My poor garden is looking dreadful right now but I know one day will get it back to normal. I didn't plant any seeds this year first time ever my greenhouse sits empty but nature self seeded some! And I have Hyacinths coming up all over the place that's bringing me joy.