Sunday, June 14, 2015

June - Birthdays and the veggie garden.

Busy month June with my sister turning 50 and my baby turning 10.

This is my angel, who is actually pretty full on and not so much an angel at all.

This is him at about 3 not a good picture but he was very cute.

He had a ball at inflatable world.

Bit tempted to go myself this looks like fun.

Onto nature, I took this when walking again at Daylesford before sisters birthday lunch at Sault. Very posh restaurant. I was a little out of my league.

Loving my veggie garden, getting lots to eat from here each day.

Tons of Broccolini.

The Broad Beans are getting taller.

The onions are slowly growing between the Chinese veggies.

These had been got at by the chooks prior to planting in the greenhouse and were half eaten few weeks back, but I planted anyway and now they are fine.

I plant very close, hope that will be ok and all will survive.

I brought these this month and they are such good books, with wonderful pictures and insightful comments by the author. It will take years to get the time to read them but I certainly will enjoy the challenge.


  1. Your veggies look fabulous Sue! Happy Birthday to Kyan.

  2. Look at your veggie garden, Sue, I am so jealous!!! Happy birthday to your son & sister!