Sunday, May 24, 2015

Daylesford second visit.

A couple of weeks ago I took two days out to visit Daylesford again and stay alone with my dog.

The place I stayed at was ok but they were cutting down trees for the entire duration I was there so I really needed to sightsee a bit or be driven nuts by the noise!

I brought a new outfit the first day and had a massage - bliss!

This is my new outfit I really like the colour.

This is the beautiful Maple outside my massage therapist's clinic.

Then off for nice walk around the lake with my best friend.

The next day off to Castlemaine to visit the art gallery, a book shop, the botanical gardens and have lunch at a lovely Thai restaurant.

Some art at the botanical gardens. Fantastic gardens they have, Brahma and I had a great walk there and worked up an appetite.

The best wonton soup I have ever had! I am taking my husband up there for a drive when the kids are at school, just to try this soup again.

The art gallery is small but very nice to visit, I love Castlemaine, just a gorgeous historical place.

This was in the foyer such beautiful colours.

I will be back to Daylesford soon I think!


  1. Love the outfit and the concept of an escape. Castlemaine is one of my favourite places and I often wonder how different my life might have been if the sale of our Castlemaine block hadn't fallen through before settlement.

    1. It would have been cooler in Summer! It's such a lovely historical place I love the old houses and gardens.

  2. Sue, I LOVE the outfit too - you look smashing! What a nice thought to go away for a couple of days on my own (with a best friend of course, but I don't think Nelly my cat would like it much) Sorry to miss you the other day - glad you saw the tree dahlia - come again.

    1. Oh, maybe Angus then? Annie I didn't get any flowers this year although robust tree Dahlia and then we had a frost! Oh well next year! Yours is stunning!