Monday, April 26, 2010

The Ballarat Harvest Festival

Last week the Ballarat community Gardens had their annual harvest festival, I took this as a fantastic opportunity to go and visit some exciting garden plots that people had veggies and plants in to pick up some tips and to taste some yummy home cooked food.

We went there around lunchtime and I ordered 3 delicious vegetarian wood fired Pizza baked in the gardens clay built oven. Tasty! I then tried some roasted chestnuts, they were an interesting taste as Ivé never tried them before, you received them got off the fire and they are kind of black but basically the skin is simply peeled back and the nut is easily eaten, it kind of tasted a little like potato to me.

I brought some lovely (sweet!!) quince jelly and the plan was to make some homemade scones that afternoon, but I became too busy weeding the veggie garden and ended up not making them but I have noticed the boys have been using the jam for toast so it must be ok!

The older boys had some fruit salad from a stall while Kyan my 4 year old was transfixed the whole time listening to a group of older ladies doing some story telling, sitting on cushions and looking like he was having fun!

For me though the fun part was checking out all the plants and garden plots that people had, I got some great idea's one of which being to lay sawdust down between the beds to hinder probably weeds but I suspect this is done to prevent snails from slithering up onto the beds! What a great idea! Certainly one that I will be using in my own garden.

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  1. Mmmm...wood fired pizza! It's always been Chris' dream to build one of our own here but at the rate he gets around to thing, it will never be done! Chris made quince jelly a couple of weeks ago. I haven't been game enough to try it yet though because the quinces looked and smelled disgusting lol.