Sunday, April 12, 2015


I was chatting to an acquaintance this weekend about our old neighbourhood and I made the mistake of googling my old address. I was suprised to see the house was gone.  This is what is used to look like although much more overgrown than when my parents owned it.

It's not on a corner but it seems the picture has been taken with a panoramic lense.

Now it looks like this;

It's very sad.  I need some time to process it all, so many beautiful trees and heritage plants.  50 year old Roses all gone.

This week a bobcat arrived at the block next door to us.  No permit been applied for as yet but it only a matter of time.  This is now my view from my veggie garden.

Pretty awful really, I am taking solace in working a lot in my garden while it's quiet over this weekend.  Lots of pruning, weeding, raking and tidying so at least my own place looks nice.  The development next door has the potential to ruin my business. 

I collected 6 bags of fallen leaves  to spead around my veggie beds and suppress the weeds.  I shall collect another 12 bags this week to put under the fruit trees.

Also baked a pretty awesome Apple crumble with apples I collected from the Dentist's overflowing Apple tree.  It was delicious!

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  1. Oh Sue, that's very sad about the house being gone. What's happening next door? I remember when I was looking for my first home to buy and all of the houses had 4 bedrooms, media rooms and a walkway around them. I remember looking at the Real Estate agent saying "why would you build something like this?!" It always saddens me when I see new estate being build and it's normally huge houses and tiny yards.
    Your gardenbeds look lovely and that apple crumble looks delish!