Sunday, April 5, 2015

Autumn in my garden

I am loving the Autumn weather and my favourite day is when the clocks turn back and I get 1 hour extra to potter.   I have been doing lots of bike riding with my eldest son over the school holidays and focusing in increasing my yoga practise my son has taken up bike racing, so needs a lot of training. Enjoying getting out and about on the cold mornings enjoying the colour changes on the trees while on the bike, saving lots of fuel too!

I have planted my Winter garden all but for the red onions which shall in when the Zucchini is completely finished which shall be soon.  In the beds pictured I have;

English Spinich
Broad Beans (even though I really dislike them)

Yesterday I went to a market and brought this;

Can you guess what it is?

I had previously been to the open garden show and brought these;

I planted the Dutch Irises in the garden and the Tulips in here;

Something exciting to look out for in Spring!

I treated myself to this beautiful Orchid Friday. Feel special to own this!

Next on the agenda is the grass as you can it needs a lot of work, there's none there!  Brahma is being my grass model. He is very concerned we have no grass but then perhaps if he stopped burying his bones in there...!!


  1. Exciting times in the Autumn garden. Im coming over to see your "dip tin" what a great idea!

  2. Great use for a dip tin. Your winter garden looks great, organised.. and you will get some rain to kick it along.

  3. You are all organised with your gardening, Sue. I still have some brassicas to go in if they don't get eaten beforehand by all the pests around at present.