Saturday, October 18, 2014

Baking goods and new chooks

I haven't posted for awhile, things have been busy and a bit tricky here but lots happening.  Recently on the holidays my eldest and I had some time alone to create yummy food.

We made some delicious dumplings

We had some left over mince from the dumplings and made a stir fry.

I started my Christmas fudge, this is vanila chocolate and caramel, but since have done a Black Forest,  marshmallow and crunchie fudge.  Have a white chocolate left to do and I am all set for my fudge packages.

We had a supervisor the whole time....

Most of the time he just tried to pinch the food!

This weekend I brought some new chooks.  They are Barnevelders which a sturdy chicken that lay lovely dark brown eggs.

I have 3 one is hiding, they will integrate with the others in about 2 weeks time or when they get a little older.  I have 2 Cochins, a Cochin rooster a Barnevelder, and a Wyandotte already so they should fit in well.  I look forward to getting lots of eggs my boys eat like sumo wrestlers.

Eventually they should look like this;

I will post my Spring garden pictures next, I love my Spring garden.

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  1. Lovely to see a post from you Sue...did you go to Talbot? I can't wait to see some Spring pictures. Enjoy the peace it brings