Monday, September 23, 2013

Planting of the veggie seeds

I have been meaning to plant some seeds for weeks and have been a little unsatisfied with the seeds brought from Bunning's as much as its pretty much my favourite shop in the world I have not had huge luck with their seeds so when I met a new friend and garden helper at the school I was delighted to discover she worked for a seed company and also at the Garden of St Erth as one of their Horticulture experts.  I was able to buy through her and have now planted today the following; 

Golden Bantam Corn
Pumpkin Walthma Butternut Organic
Black Beauty Zucchini
Evening Sun Sunflowers
Heavenly Scent Sweet peas - to be planted Autumn

I made a mix with potting mix and sand and some sheep manure - I was a little heavy on the sand so I do hope the seedlings cope but hoping to get a lovely amount for the veggie beds.

Here is the link to the Diggers seed company:

The glass sheets on top were donated to me by a guy who brought birdhouses from my son, the white boxes are being up-cycled from Wilsons Fruit shop and the table was made from pieces from our "junk pile" about a month ago.  :)

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