Sunday, June 2, 2013

Home Made Ice-cream!

As a Christmas present for the kids I brought a $25 ice cream maker and have been delighted with the results! In this house we try very hard to avoid additives, colours and preservatives in our food and although we don't generally eat a great deal of ice cream we do like something frozen to cool us on those 35 plus degree days. We started with Strawberry and used a punnet of Strawberries, 100 ml of cream and a 100gms of sugar as per the instructions, its all poured in together mixed for around 20-30 minutes by the machine and then frozen for around 8 hours. It was absolutely delicious although somewhat sweet! There was really only enough for a small scoup in a cone - there are 5 of us so we decided to make the next batch a little bigger. The next batch Raspberries were on special so we used a punnet of those 300 mls of cream this time and we reduced the ratio of sugar it was meant to be 300 gms however we only put 100 gms in, sadly this batch didn't turn out as well although I really liked it 2 of the kids found it too sweet to eat as some of the sugar had not been mixed in properly. Our third batch was a massive success, this time we chopped up a whole large Mango, again used 300 mls of cream and then added only 80 gms of sugar this time and it was a hit, it almost seemed to double in size, we let it mix for a lot longer and it was so tasty it lasted us all 2 nights this time so an added bonus! Vanilla icecream has been our biggest project as we needed Vanilla pods, egg yolks, cream, sugar,mill so a little more work cooking the pods but the taste the next day was delicious! Although not as healthy as our Mango ice cream!


  1. Sounds delicious Sue WOW WOW WOW to find you on blogland too and, since 2009! It's quite amazing, I think we were meant to meet! Great job today and I LOVE the blue bottles!

  2. Hey Sue, you might also like my sister's blog jbflowersandveg. She is on my sidebar somewhere - she's into permaculture gardening and has a stall at the local farmers market in mildura once a fortnight. I'll try and get a link for you.