Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Autumn 2013

Hi all, having some huge changes around the yard this year, as I found over Summer and goodness Summer went until April this year which I loved but for the garden it was a nightmare. I had 10 Veggie beds and really I could not keep up the water to any of them so lots died and then we ran out water and I found it such a time guzzler having to do all that watering particularly as this Summer I was kayaking up to 4 times a week always in the evenings - when I needed to be watering! Because I feel one problem was the beds were not raised enough (about 6 inches) I have reduced the number of veggie beds to only 3 and doubled the height of those 3 beds. As I have moved all beds up to the fruit tree area where there is tons of Winter sun I am going to use the old veggie garden area to plant a few more fruit trees, a Peach tree, Nashi and another Apricot. I have just moved my Rhubarb crowns to the old veggie area and my middle child made brick grass guards around them Summer we extended the chook pen its massive now and I will plant a Lemon tree and perhaps a Lime in the pen too. I like that Iv'e moved the new beds closer to my rabbitry area as the bunnies often get time out and its cute watching them run all over the place while I work out there. I am no longer breeding or showing and only have 5 left now so they all get time out with me in the paddock while I am working, have a picture of my gorgeous Siamese Sable on here. In Winter only draw back is the kids keep asking me to kick the footy with them while I am gardening and best to do that or risk ball to the head! Our little chick born last November that I swore was a girl, ended up being a boy and starting crowing right on 6 months and was rehomed today. Bummer so I am now waiting on 2 lovely Sussex chicks from a soup bus friend and cannot wait to meet those girls as I need regular eggs! Have been busy removing all the front yard plants on the eastern wall of our home to create my own little sensory garden and herb area and we are growing; Coriander, Flat leaf and Curly Parsley, Sage, Oregano, Sweet Basil, Lemon Thyme, Thyme, Aloe, Citronella and Lavender in there, have already been using the produce most I brought from the wonderful Talbot market. Today I have planted out the 3 veggie beds with Leeks, Red Onions (lots of them), Winter lettuce, Pak Choy, Brussel Sprouts and Broccoli. Each day I am moving a massive pile of gum leaves around the border of our place to supress the weeds have about 220 metres to cover I think I will still have left over leaves! Until next time....:)


  1. You must have a great sized block Sue - it all sounds so productive and fun. We'll have to organise a visit. I'd love to see the bunnies.

  2. Yes its about 3/4 of an acre, although actually right in town only 2 turns from school! Sue Parker came over a couple of years ago she did keep telling me your were into gardening but it took me another 4 years to meet you, lol. We have cut back a lot with the veggie beds but increased herbs and fruit trees. Id love you to come and visit, bunnies would too am sure. :)