Friday, September 17, 2010


With the price of electricity going up and they way they make it I thought it would be wise to invest in some candles. I just love the ambient light produced by candles and also the fact the mood just appears calmer when they are lit, although I do need to remember to be careful to put them all out at the end of the night, I have been caught before and whilst it's handy being married to a career firefighter, he's often working nights and that's when I've been woken with them still going!

So I've attached some of my special candles, I also love fairy lights, which possible aren't that good on the environment but they do look gorgeous! Here are some of my favorite sconces and candles, I have also included my Himalayan salt lamp which are supposed to help with negative ions and they give off a lovely soft light too, I use one in my massage clinic and also my 5 year olds bedroom as a night light.

I've also brought a ton of lanterns for tea lights for outside, as I think this will hopefully draw the bugs away from us in Summer and look great in our new patio area. Otherwise a lot of the lighting outside is just solar, I went a bit manic and brought up a few years ago on $3 solar lights, and while the puppies are having a good go at chewing them I do still seem to have a lot left over!

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  1. I love candles too! Only problem is it's hard to do sewing with only candle light - we discovered that when the power went out for a whole evening recently and we were desperately trying to finish all this felt fruit for Esme's birthday!