Monday, August 2, 2010

Secondhand Furniture

I read a blurb today from a book and the writer said many years ago there was no such word as recycling. The had to re-use things many times over as no one had the money and there were no credit cards back then but recyling was what they did. Now it's trendy but it's something I have always been passionate about. Not only does it safe on the hip pocket, but it's the ultimate way in sustainability! All the labour transport costs and the trees used of course to built a piece of furniture - not needed what a bonus!

I couldn't really afford to live alone when I first moved out at 18 years so I boarded with a bunch of people I'd never met, suprisingly for 3 years it did work out ok but I really craved solitude by then and at 21 rented my own tiny little place and needed furniture desperately! Although I did have a day and evening job to survive money was still pretty tight, I brought my first lounge sweet a cane job from a second hand dealer for $245. I think it had been fairly well used prior to me and Ken I and I went on to use it for another 12 years when we met when I was 24 and we finally sold it 6 years ago. where it will once again be re-used.

My tables I got second hand too and I used a very old dryer with a piece of material on it for a table. Mum and Dad gave me a old wireless cabinet which I still use, they were going to throw it up at the tip!

Ivé recently joined a buy swap and sell site on facebook and it's been fantastic for buying old TV cabinet corner units that I have converted into indoor rabbit hutches. This weekend I brought a gorgeous cabinet that I plan to store my essential oils, candles and good spiritual books in. I was so excited to get this it was advertised for $100 and I bargained the lady down to $80 and it's such a bargain! Thick hardwood, no ply on the backing that will fall off and it's really stood the test of time. It was exteamely heavy to get up the stairs and my husband siged and yet another cabinet coming in, but it fits perfectly and I am so pleased it sits with my mother in laws bookcase that was going to the tip, the lounge suite that was given to me by a friend a good 15 years ago that they didn't want. A table and candleabra that I brought 2nd hand from a friend and the clock that was Kens Nana's that we had restored to keep it in the family.

I always feel there is a essence in 2nd hand furniture, it has lived a life really sometimes with a few people, I feel that brand new furniture just has no feel to it. Probably sounds odd but I feel so calm in this room with many mixed pieces in it, it's my meditation and Yoga room and has so much life in it.

By the way the lovely brand new couch we brought that we saved long and hard for? The kids in 5 years have split many of the seams, it looks much older than 5 years. They just don't make them like they used too, unfortunetly!!

Ivé posted some pictures of some of the things I have brought or been gven of pieces of furnature that are being re-used, the first is a really old wireless case, that housed one of those massive wireless/radios in the 1940's (with the plant on top, the second my bargain $80 cabinet, I adore! The third is a bookcase my inlaws were going to throw out that we sanded and re-stained. A couch part of a set we limed and I completely redid the slats underneath for stability, and the last and old corner unit we brought 15 years ago also limed to use just as storage.


  1. Ah, see - we are kindred spirits! I love second-hand furniture too! I love that it gets to continue its purpose, even though someone else no longer had need for it. In fact, the majority of our furniture has a story

  2. I am a bit the same with houses too Yvette, but yes I LOVE 2nd hand furniture, the older the better! I am someone who will never live in a new estate, I love trees so it has to be at least 20 years old, but our little home is built in 1890 so lots to tell! Lots of trees!