Friday, March 19, 2010

Mandala Meditation Retreat

This is just a bit about the philosophy I follow the Brahma Kumaris, they are a group that are based all over the world first originating in India and are Primarily run by woman, the sole goal is to provide course on anger management, meditation, stress relief.

Here's a little extract from one of their sites;

We are individuals of all ages and backgrounds who regularly attend classes at more than 8,500 centres of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University located in 110 countries.

We study spiritual knowledge that nurtures respect for all faith traditions, coherently explains the nature of soul, God, time, and karma, and delineates an enlightened lifestyle.

We practise and teach a form of meditation that relaxes the mind and nurtures a healthy balance between our inner and outer worlds. Through numerous social service activities and partnerships, we promote spiritual understanding, leadership with integrity and elevated actions towards a better world.

I have been on quiet a few retreats at the bk centres, here's the link for the Australian ones if any ones interested at all

This is a picture of the one I stay at;

The rooms are very basic and the food all vegetarian, the centre is based on 20 hectares of bush land and there are tracks winding all throughout the place, the walks are divine!

The word Mandala is from the ancient Sanskrit language meaning circle. Mandalas are sacred geometry of circular patterns that repeat throughout our universe,nature and our psyches.

On this course we made a few mandala's some we drew ourselves other we cut and pasted from magazines and another we made a group one with cards and candles and the final one with nature and used nuts, twigs and sticks. I loved it, met a lovely lady there called Connie who was a natural healer, we had a really good talk, I felt a special bond to her. Have included some pictures of the retreat.

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