Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Indoor Rabbit

Your probably wondering how this factors in with self sustainability but in fact rabbit droppings are excellent for use on the garden and the litter from the litter tray if you use a specific type ideal to add to the compost and for the left over carrot tops and end and lettuce/greens scraps perfect for your rabbit pet to eat!

We use this brand easily available from Pet Stock. It is simply newspaper heat and water.

We had some sad news last week, we noticed Cinnamon our agouti coloured rabbit had swollen eyes, both and rapidly increasing, I suspected Myxomatosis having read up on it and upon calling the vet it was highly suspected after he told me to check if her vulva was also enlarged which it was.

We took her to the Vet and he checked her temp and glands and thought it best to have her put to sleep, there is no cure for Myxo and the cause of death is generally pneumonia after they have first gone blind and grown massive tumors all the body and all this is done over 14 days.

So our other 2 rabbits Sian and Pepa are now in quarantine and Pepa remains outside with no free ranging access and Sian was brought inside as she was sharing a pen with Cinnamon and I will need to clean it out thoroughly before she can be returned there.

So now she has become a house rabbit and a very spoilt one at that! She enjoys sultana bran with us in the morning, watches TV with us at night, is barely in her cage, only when I go out and at night time when we turn the lights off and open the upstairs door, she races upstairs faster than lightening to sleep by our bed rather than get left downstairs or worse actually put back into her hutch!

I have posted some pictures of Sian our spoilt girl her pen, relaxing in the lounge and eating the edge of the carpet! It's ok though it's the dogs mat.

RIP Cinnamon only 13 weeks old.

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