Thursday, October 13, 2016

When will Winter end???

We have had some major changes at home. It's funny no matter what happens here I can be reassured my bulbs will still flower each year.  My Irises flower. The blossoms come out to cheer my day and signal the end of Winter. We'll sort of because it feels like it's NEVER GOING TO STOP RAINING!! But today it did so I snapped some pics and got into the garden for 30 minutes.

Blue sky has been so rare here past few weeks! It's hard not to get down with constant clouds and rain. I've struggled with not being able to cycle and exercise much due to rain.

Usually I can walk over this creek with a few hops on rocks and stay dry.

My husbands taken a new job it's not close. It's 3 hours away in a very small country town. It came with a house to rent. He loves it and it's given him wonderful career step. My jobs here which I returned to in May and boys are settled at school. It's different but easier this term, not so much after school sport. More garden time! Less driving! We see him every week to fortnight.

I brought this Orchid last year and this gorgeous flower grew back this year , feel so blessed. Such an intricate beautiful flower. I must have done something right. 

Wouldn't be an end post without Monty!
Will post more on what I have been doing around the garden down the next post.

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