Friday, April 1, 2016

Melbourne Garden Show 2016 - Returning to Melbourne

I don't believe I have been on a train to Melbourne since July/August last year, I'm not the person I used to be and Melbourne is no longer a place I feel so safe or enjoy very much anymore, but I was so keen to start working in my garden again now I am feeling good again and the weather is cooler.  I thought I would be ok. This year maybe would be the last my eldest would be keen to accompany me and my husband was off shift so was able to care for the younger two kids so it was decided.  Of to Southern Cross Station we went!

This garden, didn't quite get finished in time to be judged, but it was completed by a Man under 25 and for his first effort I thought it was pretty brilliant.

The tree in the back left corner has leaves made of green ribbons.

Love this log path effect.

And this.

So many clever artistic designers about.

Love mosaic, wish I knew how to do this!

Beautiful colour arrangement here.

The wall art here intriguing and special.

Enjoy rust in the garden.

This garden was awesome except for two ghastly sculptures I did not photograph. Otherwise it looked great!

Protea bliss

I wonder where they got this from!


So we could not go into the flower hall, I did not do so well once we got off the train, I was ok once we left the station but crowds and noisy places I cannot manage. We tried the flower hall, it was very crowded, I lasted 2 minutes.  The garden show we went through quite quickly but still had a good time, it was not a crowed as last year and I did manage to get some bulbs. Finally after months and months I had some of my own garden interest back and am starting the long journey to getting my garden looking nice again for Spring.  :)

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  1. Oh Sue, I wish I had gone too. I missed it this year. You still need to come and see my Glass House. Loving holidays.