Saturday, November 28, 2015

Lots of thinking time.

I have had a lot of thinking time this week when I haven't been asleep. My youngest child shared his virus from hell with me and I'm a big believer in herbal remedies which I tried madly for 5 days and they did help I was definately healing but after being a sleep for 3 days straight not being able to sleep or eat or actually get out of bed and walk very well and dropping 3 kgs fast my GP out me on antibiotics and I really never take these things but gee when something is bacterial my goodness they work fast!  I still look dreadful, I am still tired but I feel like a new woman, I can eat again things have taste and I can walk around my garden again! 2 other members of the family have it now and are still coughing so might be time for them to get AB's too I think. It certainly was not the flu but not a cold either. Weird.

Anyway I had time to look at some pictures over the years of things that hold dear to my heart right now and I thought I would share.

My family, this is from a few years back, the kids are all 4 years older, but these people, my kids are who I live for.

My garden, I love it, we live on almost an acre and I love every bit from the fruit trees, the chooks, the front cottage garden to the veggie garden, it's so much work ontop of raising 3 kids and running a business but I like being busy and this year I've spent a lot of time on there and had a lot of time off work sadly so it heals me and grounds me.

Other people's artwork relating to the garden, I buy it it at markets and it makes my garden look good. Makes me happy.

Doing really fun stuff with my kids, this was recently at the lake, my son was a little self conscious at other people watching us SUP as it was very busy there, I tune people out easily I just don't look at them, lol. His biggest fear happened and I calmly watched my very proficient swimmer fall off the board lose the paddle, dive under retrieve it jump back on the board and do a victory salute! I swear other parents were watching me wondering when I was going to jump in and save him and I know my kids well though, he would have died of embarrassment had I jumped in hysterically.  We went straight home for a warm shower and he was on a natural high. "Omg mum falling in wasn't so bad, best fun EVER, can we go go back  so I can fall in again"? Lol

My favorite thing, exercising, warmth, water and not falling off!

Simple things like the sunset, knowing another beautiful day is coming tomorrow and I am going to be ok.

My dog, he's not looking good here, his face was swollen and he had just been stung by a bee, but he's always there for me.

My chooks, I just love them, my rooster most of all, I love that he wakes me at sunlight when I am meant to be up. This isn't my rooster it's a hen. 

My spiritual beliefs, and constant desire to learn all I can about being a better person spiritually, that learning never ends for me.

My yoga, I absolutely adore my yoga, I will practise everyday either at the studio or at home, I have the best yoga teacher ever who has become a really close and special friend to me, I have seen her go through adversity and come through and she is someone I admire greatly and have learnt from and continue to learn from everytime I talk to her and she has seen me go through and helped me through a tough time too and been there every step on the way.
Finally I have mastered two differed types of headstand, something I needed to do by December. It's all in video though I can't work out how to get that on blogger.

Garden shows and getting out into the world showing kids things that can be created by others be it in an art gallery or in a garden, we go to many open gardens, I want my kiss to love and appreciate a beautiful garden too.

Found him!  My rooster Henry, my alarm clock. The people in the new units to be built right on my boundary fence may not love him so much though...progress, :(

One of my bikes, I have a good life.

I want to mention friends, but I am hesitant to post pictures of them but I have a few who have been amazing this year, really amazing, I hope I can be as special to them one day.

Healthy food and coffee, I love it!

One of them gave me these beautiful flowers, another takes me to the movies often just to get mymi d distracted for a bit off, another goes for coffee with me, and another sends me texts and cards to keep my spirits up, many came walking with me when I was fast walking all time. I am really very blessed, most won't read this, they aren't aware I blog, but thank you. Xxx


  1. Such a mindful post! But I can't get over your toned body - you look amazing!!!
    Hope you're feeling better.