Sunday, October 4, 2015


October in the garden for me is a month of hard work as Spring brings forward new growth and I remove massive amounts of weeds, I can reflect and enjoy the bulbs I planted back in Autumn prepare the veggie garden for the Summer crop, harvest the last of the Winter crop and try and find some time to sit and enjoy my beautiful garden.

Gorgeous orange Ranunculas.

I walked around the corner of my clinic to see these beautiful Iris's had flowered.  I divided all my Irises this year and have a ton to flowers along the front, I so love the excitement Spring brings.

This is a Tulip that seems to have a hard time staying closed.  It's like the ones slightly deranged one amongst a clump of very serious Tulips.  Of course I relate, it's my favorite. It's out there saying "I can do anything, be anything, nothing's going to hold me back, please accept me I am different".

It's serious friends. The straight Tulips.

A friend brought me these on a trip and I love them, they are so typically me.

The weather has been getting better around here and I am getting much stronger, gaining weight and building muscle, this is my Vintage bike. No gears, hard slog around 25 kilos to push up hills.  I love it. I try to get out and do around 100 km a week on it. Don't think I have used my car for about a week, so good to get out in the fresh air.  I do get some odd looks on it but that's ok. The bright colours I dress in I would get looks regardless.

When I ride hard I get my appetite back and can eat, this is my delicious tofu stir fry, absolutely love this meal, goes down a treat after yoga class.

I have been to some markets of late and brought some second hand things, this was only $3.

This plant, $2, I repotted into an old Bonsai pot. I love the idea of Bonsai, I'm really not very good at maintaining the plants though.

Please excuse dishes, and the rubbish bin no dishwasher here.  Skirt Cooper by Trelese.  $15 Necklace, $5!!! Apparently the label skirt normally sells for $400, I'm not sure as I usually buy from Big W, but the lady at Talbot Market seemed very knowledgeable in these things and I love the skirt it's very unusual not my usual sort of thing. I got a Liz Clairebourne jacket to go with it, also $15! Very blessed!

Looking forward to making some Spearmint tea over Summer.

This is Banana Mint, cannot wait to taste this one!

I really enjoy markets and second hand products, particularly vintage. Talbot market is one of my favorites for excellent buys as is Daylesford. 

October is also a month of denial for me, November will be intense but October I have chosen to just concentrate of recovery from an intense few months, which means focusing on yoga, gardening, getting physically and mentally stronger, forgetting sll the bad stuff and sorting out my diet out accepting I cannot do my paid work right now, studying on self reflection, mindfulness and how best to manage the challenges I have been cursed/blessed with.

Wish me luck I possibly won't be as Zen come mid November! Although I am desperately hoping to do things differently this time around and not get as anxious!

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  1. Sue...great to see you....looking good and happy...keep gardening girl...loved seein all the tulips. Missing mine here but loving the Autumn leaves