Thursday, January 26, 2012

Resolutions 2012

I have just been reading over last years resolutions and am quiet amazed at how many I didn't achieve and how much they have changed for this year! The things I did not do were complete 3 fun runs - in fact I didn't complete any! I possibly became more unfit although I did lose 6 kgs I rapidly gained 4 back around Xmas 2011. I didn't go on many day dates with Ken although we did get quiet a good walking routine up through Winter - they always ended with a coffee though so not so sure how much they helped with weight loss! Going on the kayak more - I didn't seem to achieve this much either but we have been on an average weekly paddle over the school holidays. I did manage to get back to Fernwood regularly, but now I am now using my gym quipment at home and finding it's too busy with massage work and kisd schedules to be going an extra 3 times a week doing weights. So thought I would continue there but concentrte on Zumba, Bike class for when i am not riding in Winter and maybe some Yoga there and also re-start my Yoga at Absolute once DLS end as its too hard doing mcuh in teh evenings when Rylans medicatio wears off. No Ken didn't get the snip either not my fault though he won't go and see the specialist so there's another resolution down the drain! 2011 was am amazingly hard year. I think I grieved for about a year for the last little baby we lost in November 2010. Rylan was diagnosed and susequently was put on medication which was the answer to our prayers but the meds do wear off and life is still difficult at times. I am looking forward to 2012 and some special moments! After all the best moments are the ones we are in RIGHT NOW! :)

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