Sunday, November 20, 2011

Open Garden - Ercildoune

We also went to another open garden today called "Ercildoune" this is a massive property intially 73,000 acres, then sold in 1872 and sold off and I believe it is now about 28,000 acres, the gardens seem to be about 10-20 acres? There is a large walled garden on 1 acre, and many old and dilapidated houses on the property that the owners are doing up. But the gardens are stunning and the owners that have owned the land now for around the past 12 years have done a fantastic job in restoring this garden to it's former glory, it has also a hydro electric station on the property - no longer in use. I have included the link explaining way more than I can of this magnificant property and taken some pictures of out day and the gorgeous garden, we ended up taking a picnic lunch and they had people selling tea and coffee which we took advantage of too. I found the brickwork to be intricate and believe they had a kiln on the property and the initial house was built by the sons at the time in their teens!!! They also had at one stage their own hydro-electric plant on of only a few private ones in the Country and it did actually work although is no longer working to this day. Enjoy the pictures, this place is simply amazing and I hope sometime you get too visit the lovely gardens too!

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