Sunday, September 4, 2011

Rhubarb and Rabbits

I thought I would post an update on a previous post from this year on the Rhubarb. I moved from a pot where it was doing badly and really not growing at all. I transplanted it and it had no leaves at all on it was just starting to sprout really and now only 6 weeks later it is huge!! One exciting thing is that it's literally 2 feet from where the chickens sleep at night and I wonder if perhaps the manure is playing a part of the health of it. I like to think so, fortunately the wire is small and the chooks will never be able to get their beaks through to peck at it!

We also transplanted a huge Elderberry which snapped at the base in the process and I wondered firstly whether it would even transplant at all and secondly how well it would grow once broken. Well both parts planted in different parts of the garden are growing well and now Spring is here the are both shooting lots of leaves, very excited about that!

I other news, we have new kits all pretty much sold the lovely Chocolates and Lilac colours go quickly have included a picture though as they are gorgeous, kits always means loads of readily available manure for the garden so that is super especially when so much is about to flower and the fruit trees are about the get leaves. In very surprising news after a good 6 weeks we found our beloved Pepa the free ranging rabbit! After advertising over the radio and at the Milk bar he was found only 2 doors up the road where the owners had caged him as they are right into self sustainability too however they were going to eat him! We brought him home after quibling with he owner that he was actually mine and now unfortunetly he will have to remain caged, he did live inside again for a bit and slept in my room and totally demolished my fairy light cord he is now outside again! Tomorrow we will buy a couple of really large new cages from Melbourne and he will be housed out the front where I can get to him easily and bring him in at night for cuddles and he can go out once we go to bed.

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