Monday, November 16, 2015

Someone else's Garden

Last weekend was an open garden scheme in this area. I went to two gardens with my eldest child. I looked at pictures and photos supplied on some seats at the first garden and granted it was spectacular, but a lot of money had gone into it and a lot of paid helpers.  The gardens that win my heart are the hard working ones. The labours of love, I know the owners of the first garden will now spend many hours maintaining it. But I'm only showing photos of the second.

Upon chatting to the elderly men that own this property I discovered he actually hates gardening, lol. He doesn't do any of the artistry of gardening and is in fact a Professor at one of the Uni's in Melbourne.  I believe the other chap does all the hard yards, I was impressed and I told him so.  I wish they would adopt me so I could go around and sit in their garden.  I just feel so much healing from a garden like this.  I'm not feeling it my own. Enjoy!

I returned home a little flat at how un arty I actually am and un creative, and how dry my garden is but I'm still getting enjoyment from these pictures.


  1. Dont be so hard on yourself. I would hope this garden I nspired you to get a bit more creative in the yard. Perhaps a bit braver at the recycle centre?..finding things to re purpose artistically. I guess that it is not creativity you kack but confidence.

  2. Maybe both right now...I tried to make an Olive oil bottle tree with all my bottles and used sticks they all flopped over, not looking good. I need something firmer. Every now and then I have a crack but I'm pretty sure I'm the only super confident one that likes it at that time. Not feeling so super confident right now...


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